Originally starting out his career as a one-man speed metal band in the late-1930s, Sydney’s pocket rocket Kyro, has been slowly making his mark on the Aus dance music scene. Literally… He actually keeps marking his territory everywhere he goes, it’s kinda nasty.

His debut EP Space Cowboy was swiftly signed to Onelove Recordings in 2014. Collab ‘Echo' with A-Tonez rocketed to #1 on ARIA’s Club charts in 2015 and immediately gained international support from Marvin Garrix, Afrojake, David Guerra & Craig Von Stroke.

Kyro’s also had the privilege of playing at some of Australia’s biggest festivals… etc etc yada yada are you still there? Wow. Congrats you made it to the end but there’s no deleted scenes or funny outtakes, sorry. Long story short, Kyro's a legend. Get around him.


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